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External Cardiac Stimulator OSYPKA PACE 203H

OSYPKA PACE 203H® is an external dual chamber pacemaker for temporary stimulation of the heart for patients with heart rhythm disturbances or conduction defects. It is also suitable for Rapid Pacing needs. The intuitive layout and easy to operate turning dials as well as its many specialty features make it an ideal device for all general standard pacing needs in daily practice as well as for patients requiring more complex stimulation therapies. 

- Pacing Modes: DDD, VDD, D00, VVI, V00, AAI, AAT, A00, DVI, DAI, VAT, DDD+AT, DAT
- Basic rate 30…220 ppm
- Maximum Tracking Rate (MTR) 80…230 ppm
- Overdrive stimulation (atrial) 70…1000 ppm
- Ventricular Rapid Pacing 180…220 ppm
- Stimulation amplitude 0.1…18 V
- Pulse duration 0.05…1.5 ms
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