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GEM Premier 3500 from ITC

The GEM Premier 3500 system measures pH, blood gases, electrolytes, metabolites and more, while providing quality assurance through iQM, zero-maintenance with its multi-use, disposable GEM PAK and information management with GEMweb Plus Custom Connectivity. 

The GEM Premier 3500 system with Intelligent Quality Management (iQM) offers unprecedented testing simplicity, flexibility and reliability, in a system fully adaptable to the needs—and volume—of any point-of-care testing location or laboratory. The multi-use disposable GEM PAK and intuitive touchscreen provide zero-maintenance and simplicity.  Large sampling area, barcode scanner and comprehensive test menu with multiple cartridge configurations offers faster, easier, efficient Acute Care diagnostics.

Test assured in Acute Care diagnostics.



  • Maintenance-free, multi-use, disposable GEM PAKs contain all components required for testing, and are replaced every 21 days, requiring no refrigeration.
  • Customized cartridge configurations and a broad test menu to cost-effectively meet the needs of any location or testing capacity.
  • (IQM) Performs continuous checks with each and every sample. Error detection time is reduced from hours to minutes and errors are automatically corrected and documented for a complete picture of quality.


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