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HEMOCHRON Response Coagulation Monitoring Instrument from ITC

The Hemochron® Response is a whole blood coagulation monitoring instrument designed to be used at the point-of-care. The Response includes an easy-to-read screen and data management features, including patient and operator ID options. QC and operator lockout can be enabled for enhanced regulatory compliance.

  • Extensive test menu
  • Results displayed as whole blood, plasma equivalent, or INR (for PT assay)
  • Stores 600 patient tests per well
  • Stores Operator and Patient Identification numbers
  • Can be configured for operator lockouts and QC lockout
  • Download results to a PC
  • Stores data and connects to most POC data management systems
  • Uses Bar coded tubes
  • Internal printer
  • 2 level Liquid Quality Control lockout
  • 2 level Electronic System Verification lockout
  • Stores 300 QC results per well
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