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Optima Flow-QC Meters

Optima Meters are the next generation of surgical flow meters. These universal Meters are compatible with all of Transonic’s extensive surgical flow probe and flow sensor lines. Share a single Optima Meter between departments or surgical suites without compatibility concerns. The Optima’s unprecedented resolution accompanies lower offset error, and doubles the accuracy for low flows.

  • Provides unsurpassed accuracy and resolution
  • Ensures vessel patency & flow integrity
  • Immediate, quantitative flow measurements

  Product Overview

  • Fully compatible with the AureFlo® System
  • Compatible with ALL Transonic® Surgical Flowprobes
  • Compatible with Tubing Flowsensors for Extracoporeal applications
  • Plug-and-play operation
  • Instant mean volume flow display
  • FlowSound® for audible indication of volume flow
  • Invert: corrects for direction of flow
  • Print: built in chart recorder documents flow waveform, minimum, maximum and mean flows, and PI**
  • Gold Standard transit-time ultrasound technology
  • Highest accuracy on the market
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