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Oxygen-Nitrogen Generators

Τhe medical Oxygen Generator is a modern, alternative and effective solution for the supply of oxygen for medical use, utilizing cutting-edge technology and bringing together a series of comparative advantages over the traditional way of oxygen supply (liquid oxygen tank, cylinders stations). Briefly they are the following:

  • Economy 

  • Autonomy

  • Safety

  • Functionality

  • Scalability

  • Lifetime

A typical Oxygen generator consists of:

  • Air compressor

  • Compressed air and Oxygen vessel

  • Pre filters (for air) RA, RB, RC

  • Dryer cooling type

  • Oxygen generator

  • Oxygen filter RF

  • Oxygen filter sterile

  • Oxygen pressure regulator / flowmeter

G. Samaras S.A offers a great variety of Oxygen Generators of 93% ± 3% Oxygen purity in different flows 0,6 - 108 Nm³/h.

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