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The CUSA® Excel+ Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator

The CUSA® Excel+ Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator offers multiple solutions to assist Neurosurgeons in their practice of cranial tumor removal providing a combination of speed and selectivity needed to perform both debulking and delicate dissection of soft up to tough tissues.


CUSA® Excel+ system is powered by C4 technology which provide four synergistic technologies working together to optimize surgical performance :

  • Constant Tissue Contact – The high suction maintains consistent contact between tip and targeted tissues enhancing cavitation effect¹.
  • High Frequency (36 kHz) Handpiece – The reduced amplitude provides more concentrated effect, minimizing risk of collateral impact.
  • Adaptative Power – It automatically adjusts power proportionally to tissue needs to maintain tip vibration when challenged by resistant structure.
  • ShearTip™ surgical tip – Its specific design creates intersecting acoustic waves which enhances cavitation without any mechanical force required.

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  • TissueSelect® setting allows Neurosurgeons to increase selectivity and control while removing tissue close to critical structures such as pia mater or vessels.
  • It uses pulsed energy and controlled reserve power that create a rebound effect at the tip when it encounters a collagen-rich structure.
  • The tactile feedback improves Neurosurgeons ability to differentiate between targeted tissue and critical structures and allows them to move the tip before it may cause damages, creating a wider margin of control.



  • TipSelect™ feature offers a large choice of 12 tips for 12 solutions dedicated to Neurosurgery:
    • 9 conventional tips for soft tissue removal featuring 3 different inner diameters and 3 different designs
    • ShearTip™ surgical tip designed for tough and fibrous tissue removal
    • MicroTip Plus™ surgical tip designed for transnasal approaches or in depth tumor removal
    • SaberTip™ surgical tip designed for bone sculpting
  • The most appropriate tip can thus be selected based on targeted tissue profile (consistency, location, size and access) and Neurosurgeon’s preference, to contribute to tissue removal performance.
  • While working under microscope, the curved tips and pre-aspiration holes help improving visualization of the surgical site.
  • The tip can also be changed during surgery in case of changing surgical conditions.



Intuitive use

  • The user-friendly control panel, color-coded tubing and tubing paths allow intuitive set-up of the system by clinical staff and help to save valuable time in the operating room.
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