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The Genesis® from HERSILL

The Genesis® -  anaesthesia workstation, stand out for their lung protective ventilation, accuracy and performance, cost saving, design and ergonomics, safety and versatility.



  • Equipped with the most advanced ventilation modes.
  • Configurable alveolar recuitment maneuver interface, with multiple options, automatic calculatiosn and tracing tools.
  • Advanced volumetric capnography interface.
  • Electronic rotameters with precise mass-flow sensors, allowing low and minimal flow anaesthesia.
  • Modular design for easy maintenance.
  • Easy to perform installation and calibration procedures.
  • The patient’s gases are confined in the Compact Anaesthesia Respiratory System (CABS), which is fully autoclavable at 134 ºC.
  • The performance of the hospital’s Anaesthetic GAs Evacuation System (AGSS) is displayed on the touch screen, notifying possible contamination of the operating theatre. 
  • Full intuitive interface with settings, ventilation and gases monitoring, graphs, trends, AGSS performance, alarms, etc.
  • Monitor with 18.5” projected capacitive touchscreen, supported on a 360º rotating arm and tilting in 2 axes.
  • Integration of capnography and analysis of anaesthetic gases Masimo®.
  • Compatible with any re-breathing, semi-closed and non-re-breathing circuit. 
  • Two auxiliary arm supports to add any hemodynamic ICU monitor and infusion pumps.
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